Saturday, 17 February 2018

"The flowers of late winter and early spring occupy places in our hearts well out of proportion to their size." - Gertrude S. Wister


Don Witton, who holds a Plant Heritage National Collection of hardy Euphorbia, kept us interested and entertained with his knowledge and wit as he talked about Euphorbias and other Spring flowers.  Don, whose enthusiasm is catching, showed us that there is a plant for every situation and we went away clutching the handouts we were given to decide which we could add to our gardens.

Display Table
A hint of Spring:
 Ann’s Crocuses; the Chrysanthus yellow Advance and the white Ard Schenk’ plus the purple Tricolor

 Gill’s attractive display of Spring flowers
 Gill’s Hellebore flowers
 In Gill’s pot contains:  snowdrops including the tall but droopy Cicely Hall, the Snowflake Leucojum, Pulmonaria rubra and Cardamine

Kate brought a tall Euphorbia in a pot with only a few leaves at the top.  Expert Don Witton advised her to plant out in the soil and new leaves will soon appear at the base.

Gardening Matters

Are you guilty of Godwottery? 
Meaning: 1. A highly romantic, exaggeratedly elaborate garden, usually composed of bizarrely incompatible plants and objects. 2. A love or affection for such gardens. 3. Affected, archaic language.
Here is a gardener’s blog about it:

Notice Board 
Maggie braved the weather and visited Burton Agnes to see their Snowdrop Spectacular. She was disappointed that they had no interesting ones on sale.  Open until March.
Hodsock Priory’s Snowdrop Walk is also open until the beginning of March and there is a list of snowdrops for sale on their website.
Next Meeting

2nd March:  Forum – content to be advised.  That’s what it says on the programme, but we all like a surprise and we are never disappointed!

Saturday, 3 February 2018

February Forum


AGM:  The accounts had been presented at the last meeting.  Judith went through the Friday Forum’s activities during 2017 and thanked the committee for their efforts throughout the year and the members for their participation.  Judith was thanked for  her able leadership.
Display Table
Gill’s container with Snowdrops, Celendine, blue and white (Rolf Fiedler)  Ipheions, Cyclamen coum and Garrya elleptica

Gill’s double Primula with a dark red flower

 Gill’s purple Iris Pixie

 Judith’s pot contains Ipheion Jessie, a geranium seedling and Sempervivum
Image result for snowdrop primrose warburg
 Jenny brought Snowdrop Primrose Warburg
Jenny brought a newspaper article which told the amazing story of a cliff top village in China which was reached by 2556 steps!
This put her in mind of the plant hunter Ernest Wilson who brought back plants from high altitude situations in China in 1899.

 Peter brought some of his artwork including a painted canvas

 Janella’s Snowdrops S. Arnott

 Ann’s pot reminds us that Spring is on its way:  Narcissus Tête á Tête and Iris reticulate Polar Ice and Clairette

 Ann’s Winter flowering Mandragora aka Devil’s Apple or Love Apple.  Ann told us many fascinating facts and myths about this plant which also features in Harry Potter. 

Notice Board
York Gate garden is open from 20th – 23rd February 2018, with many different varieties of snowdrops for visitors to enjoy.  The recently refurbished tearoom will be open for lunches, afternoon teas.
Tuesday 20th – Friday 23th February, 12.30pm – 4.30pm
Monday 19th February, Friends of York Gate private preview
Standard admission £5.00,  Children (16 and under) Free, Friends (plus two guests) Free
Address: Back Church Lane, Adel, Leeds, LS16 8DW Tel: 0113 267 8240

On 21st February at 7.30, Aaron Hickman talking about Orchid care to the WY Fuchsia and Pot Plant Society.  All welcome.

The Women in Horticulture Exhibition celebrating women’s contribution to the horticultural industry over the last 100 years can be seen from 11am – 3pm daily in the Harlow Carr library until 25th February.  Normal entry fees apply.

Paxton Spring Show and Plant Sale with free admission is on 31st March

On 16th June there will be a luncheon and talk on the life of Joseph Paxton.

Hearty congratulations to member Kate van Heel for winning best private garden in the area.

Carl recommends these two companies for good soft fruit:   and

Next Meeting
16th February:  Presentation by Don Witton – Euphorbias and other spring flowering plants

Saturday, 20 January 2018

A year in the life of Rodley Nature Reserve

Presentation:  A year in the life of Rodley Nature Reserve 
 Barbara and Peter Murphy
 Barbara and Peter and Murphy returned to Friday Forum to give another presentation, this time closer to home.  They gave a wonderful illustrated talk about Rodley Nature Reserve.  The afternoon was enjoyed by all and Barbara, who is a talented photographer, brought greeting cards she produces with her pictures of the reserve.
 Barbara's greeting cards
It’s definitely on my “to visit” list.  For more information see: 
Display Table
 Ann's winter bouquet

 Janella's Clivia

 Trevor's Hellebore
Next Meeting

2nd February:  AGM, general discussion and free raffle